RLFG#1: “To Evict or Not to Evict?” with Elize le Roux from Expello

I had the most amazing chat with Elize le Roux, MD of Xpello, to get her views on this question . . .

Elize shared a lot of very useful – and, more importantly, PRACTICAL – advice and insights on this extremely pertinent topic.

Some of the highlights . . .

  • the importance of following due process, including that all-important Letter of Demand
  • the practicalities of lease cancellation & evictions under Lockdown . . . and beyond
  • practical considerations – and possible new timeframes to expect – for eviction applications post-Lockdown
  • practical alternatives to lease cancellation & evictions

Elize told me that Xpello has been able to successfully negotiate practical alternative solutions to the formal eviction process in 85+% of the eviction matters that they have dealt with – so there definitely are alternatives!

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