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Although I have full status NQF4 I found the course very informative and practical. Defnitely recommend it.

Wow! Thank you Shaun.
Invaluable information, direction and guidance. Clear and fun too.
No dozing off in this Masterclass 🙂

Oh my, this guy knows how to make the Rental Practitioners life easier, simple and in line with legislation.
This SOP on Early Cancelation is absolutely Priceless.... really.

Shaun your presentation style is awesome - you get the maximum amount of info across in the shortest time, in an easily understandable way ( even to us "property virgins" - this was my first masterclass with Shaun). And then, post the class, you supply us with cheat sheets and various usable working documents, which is just great. Thank you Shaun

I found the information informative as always, it give me the extra peace of mind to receive information in a way that is understandable to me, thank you very much!

Thank you so much for the training sessions. They were most helpful and informative

Great Compilation of Training Videos

Thank you so much for compiling all this information you provided, I found it exceptionally informative and a great overview of what to expect moving forward. Looking forward to more training videos in the Rental Club portal.

FICA Training

Well done on an informative training session, simplifying and conveying the core of FICA.

Onboarding new landlord client

Great reminder of importance of processes

FICA training module

Excellent info relayed very simply and structured perfectly. Every agent starting out should do this - as well as agents who need to recap and keep up to date with new laws and regulations.

So informative!!!

Thank you Shaun!!!

FICA Training

Simple and user-friendly training, and applicable immediately.

Thank you so much Shaun for the webinar on Lease-Obligations-of-Landlords-Tenants. I enjoyed it very much because it was in a "language" that is understandable for an intern agent who still find his/her way around the rental procedures. Keep up the good work.

Covered all legal and daily duties in a clear format.Thanks

I thoroughly enjoyed the Webinar which gave me some new insights which I was not applying to Lease Renewals. Mr Shaun Luyt presented the course in a very professional manner and explained the clauses to the contracts very clearly. Much appreciated Mr Luyt.
I do have a few questions, but due to limited time during the Webinar, can I submit the questions to you on a separate email?

this as a good one for me for to get more knowledge for all the parties that are involve when you do things in a proper way when you engaged with them and etc

Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your lectures.



Always good to update current information to recap your knowledge, thank you

GREAT content

Always great to refresh...enjoy your courses

Excellent Presentation

Thank you, I am learning more and more every session, very informative, I will implement the forms for my future new listings. I gain knowledge every session. Thank you once again

Practical, Informative and Enjoyable

Thank you Shaun for excellent and Informative training, I thoroughly enjoyed it, look forward to the next one



Onboarding New Landlords - Part 1

Very informative and professional way to conduct our business as agents. Will implement the forms to improve my professionalism.