FICA COMPLIANCE WORKSHOP SERIES – Your Step-by-Step Guide to FICA Compliance (RS501)


A series of 4 workshops focussing on a practical approach to help attendees implement FICA correctly to ensure full FICA Compliance for their rental operations.

Taking into consideration the cost of directly contracting a Specialist Regulatory Compliance Consultant of Melanie’s calibre to assist you, this series of workshops is a steal at this price!


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In this series of 4 workshops well-known Specialist Regulatory Compliance Consultant, Melanie Coetzee, will be guiding you through the process of setting up FICA properly within your rental business.

Here is the topics that are covered in each workshop . . .

WORKSHOP #1: FICA Compliance for Real Estate Agencies that Offer Rental Services 

This workshop covers the following information:

  • What are the basic minimum FICA compliance requirements?
  • What does a fully compliant Risk Management & Compliance Policy (RMCP) look like?
  • What does a Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Inspection look like?

WORKSHOP #2: The 9 FICA Due Diligence Steps for Rental Clients

  • The BASIC Client Due Diligence Steps (CDD), including the BASIC Identification Requirements for Individuals, Companies & Trusts
  • The ADDITIONAL CDD Steps, including ADDITIONAL Due Diligence Requirements for Individuals, Companies & Trusts, and when they need to be carried out
  • The ENHANCED CDD Steps, and When they need to be carried out
  • the CLIENT Risk Rating Form & How KYC Reports Support You (with an example)
  • When to Report Clients and/or Transactions

WORKSHOP #3: Risk Rating the Transaction & Reporting

This workshop includes:

  • the TFS List
  • Where do you get the TFS list
  • What must you do if you get a match?
  • Lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) & Prominent Influential Persons (PIPs)

WORKSHOP #4: Directives, RMCP Templates & Full FICA Compliance

THe topics in this workshop include:

  • Directive 8
  • Directive 6
  • RMCP Templates
  • Full FICA Compliance

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Customer Reviews

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Very Informative fIC Compliance series

This was a great series and I would recommend any agents that are still on the dark about FIC compliancy to sign up for this.

FICA Compliance

I have found this series to be very insightful and give clarity on some of the steps to put in place to be compliant



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