RS311 – MasterClass: Managing the Early Terminations of Fixed Term Leases the Right Way (RS311/240319)


Stay ahead of the curve with our MasterClass on early termination of fixed-term leases in South Africa. Gain insights into tenants’ rights under the Consumer Protection Act, a recent ruling wrt early cancellation penalties, and best practices in lease terminations. Plus, receive our exclusive pack of legally compliant documents and communication templates to streamline the process. Empower yourself and ensure legal compliance in lease terminations.

**All Registrants Receive our editable Best Practice & Legally Compliant Step-by-Step Early Termination RentPack (Valued at R999!) for FREE** 

Please note: Purchasers get access to this online training course for 30 days.

Certificate of Attendance issued on attendance of the full MasterClass.

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Empower yourself with expert knowledge and practical resources on tenants’ rights to terminate leases early under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Our comprehensive MasterClass, led by seasoned expert rental trainer, Shaun Luyt, now includes groundbreaking insights into a recent ruling re cancellation penalties, providing agents with the most up-to-date information on lease termination practices in South Africa.

In this MasterClass, agents will not only gain clarity and insight into the legal framework governing lease terminations but will also learn about the recent ruling indicating potential minimum cancellation penalties for landlords could be permissible, even in cases where no loss is suffered. Be at the forefront of this new development and enhance your understanding of both tenants’ and landlords’ rights and obligations.

Attendees will receive our exclusive pack of legally compliant and best practice documents to streamline the termination process. This pack includes a comprehensive checklist, meticulously crafted to ensure no crucial detail is overlooked. Additionally, we provide a wealth of communication templates tailored for agents, tenants, and landlords, fostering transparent dialogue and reducing the likelihood of disputes.

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate lease terminations with precision and professionalism. Elevate your expertise, streamline your processes, and cultivate harmonious relationships between tenants and landlords. Invest in our MasterClass & Legal Document Pack today and empower yourself to uphold legal compliance while fostering clarity and understanding in lease terminations.

Customer Reviews

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Cebolethu Mandlakazi

It was a very informative session, I learned a lot about the early termination process.

Dee Thomas

Great training session thanks, lots of useful information.