Residential Rentals RoundUp #7 | How do we go forward with tenants that cannot pay? See which debtors are at risk for non-payment in May, and more . . .

TPN COVID-19 Update: Lockdown Level 4

SSLR Inc. have made a submission to government on behalf of the property industry, specifically to provide clarity on when tenants may move house dependent on the lockdown level. They expect feedback by noon on Tuesday the 28th of April.

TPN Blog – 27 Apr, 2020

What does Level 4 of Lockdown mean for the Real Estate Sector? – Marlon Shevelew

According to the Draft Framework, commercial real estate services will be allowed to resume under level 3, and that all real estate services may resume under level 2.

Relocation is not specifically addressed. Under level 5, which is what the current regulations represent, people are to stay at home, other than essential travel for work and to purchase essential goods; this, along with the ban on interprovincial travel has prevented people from relocating. It is interesting to note that even at level 2 the corresponding provision is exactly the same; only at level 1 is there no restriction on personal movement. It seems therefore, on a plain reading of the Draft Framework, that people will only be able to relocate once their respective district is at stage 1.

Marlon Shevelew – 27 Apr, 2020

Rental Applications in Process: To Re-Assess or Not? What is the purpose?

The question of whether or not to re-assess rental applications ‘in process’ and/or approved prior to Lockdown has been put to me, and variations of it have been asked on various social media platforms, a few times recently, which isn’t surprising given the new paradigm of Rentals Un-usual . . .

This question does not have a simple ‘one size fits all’ answer, so I thought it would be useful for me to formulate and share my thoughts and advice on this matter . . . Blog – 27 Apr, 2020

How do we go forward with tenants that cannot pay?

“The starting point is for each person, be it landlord or tenant, to make use of every opportunity available to them to ease the pressure they experience,” says Marlon Shevelew

Read the complete response here.

Marlon Shevelew, Property Practitioners Facebook Group – 25 Apr, 2020

SA’s property sector speaks with one voice – the National Property Practitioners Council (NPPC)

For the first time in the history of the South African real estate sector, representative bodies have come together to form a unified national council, devoid of the constraints of self-interest by any particular sector of the industry, to act as the national industry representative body in all matters pertaining to the sector.

Property Professional – 23 Apr, 2020


Here are some AMAZING Lockdown Learning Specials for Rental Agents – these are special Level 5 discounts and due to expire as soon as we move Level 4!

See which debtors are at risk for non payment in May

Michelle announces the launch of TPN’s Live Online Monitoring and explains how you can access this FREE service to ascertain your portfolio’s risk in May.

  • How risky is your portfolio for non-payment
  • Learn how to access the FREE online monitoring service
  • Discover the actual risk of your portfolio after lock down
  • Benchmark your Portfolio Risk against the industry
  • Benchmark your Good Standing against the industry
  • Monitor how your debtors are paying their other credit agreements in real time
  • Identify the early warning signs of non-payment of rent

TPN CreditBureau on YouTube – 21 Apr, 2020

Withholding Rent During Lockdown?

Absolutely NO regulations of any kind have been implemented authorising a tenant to refrain from paying, or to withhold their obligations to pay, rent to their landlord. This is the case in respect of residential, retail, industrial and commercial properties. That being said, it must be kept in mind that each individual lease agreement must be reviewed in light of its own particular provisions, and while no overriding exemption to the payment of rental has been implemented, particular lease agreements (or existing legislation governing these) may allow for this in light of the present circumstances.

SSLR Blog – 21 Apr, 2020

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