Rental Market ‘Quick Stats’ by Province

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The most up to date rental market stats were released by TPN recently.

Here are the ‘quick stats’ by province . . .


  • Vacancy rate: 8.26%
  • Rental escalations: 1.93%
  • TPN Market Strength Index: 52.8%
  • Tenants in good standing: 80.78%

Western Cape:

  • Vacancy rate: 2.91%
  • Rental escalations: 2.97%
  • Tenants in good standing: 86.42%


Vacancy rate: 8.69%
Rental escalations: 0.92%
Tenants in good standing: 78.83%


Vacancy rate: 13.26%
Rental escalations: 4.15%
Tenants in good standing: 80.89%

Eastern Cape:

Vacancy rate:
Rental escalations: 3.92%
Tenants in good standing: 83.83%

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