SOP & Training Bundle: Lease Renewals – The Right Way!


This bundle packages the latest Lease Renewal SOP (updated Febuary 2021) together with the recording of the Lease Renewal MasterClass (recorded on 23 Feb 2021).

The MasterClass explains the legislation on which the SOP is based, as well as the Rental Best Practices built into the SOP.

If you would like to have the MasterClass recording available to your entire Team – hosted on an online Rental Training Portal branded with your branding – please email to find out how we can set this up for you.

RENTAL MASTERCLASS: LEASE RENEWALS - Complying with the CPA, Protecting Your Landlord's Rights & Avoid Liability for Landlord Losses!


All attendees will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance, including 1.5 non-verifiable CPD points for Professional Development.

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SOP Pack #6 - Lease Renewals (V2 - Feb 2021)


**These are ALL the documents covered in the Lease Renewal MasterClass**

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