SOP Bundle #4: Rental Applications


A best practice and compliant SOP, all associated forms and communication templates PLUS online training to help you implement the SOP and train your Team on how to use it correctly.


This SOP Bundle contains the SOP (RentPack) on Screening Rental Applications (process documentation), as well as online training to assist you implement the documentation and train your Team.

The following documentation is included:

SOP / Checklist

This is the central process document, and it contains references to the various landlord & tenant communication templates and forms, as detailed below.

  • TF001NP – Rentals Application Form – Natural Persons
Landlord Communication Templates
  • L016 -Rental Application – Screening Report
  • L051 – Rental Application Received
  • L052 – Rental Application Recommendation
Tenant Communication Templates
  • T009 – Rental Application Cannot Be Processed
  • T011 – Rental Application Unsuccessful
  • T012 – Rental Application Successful
  • T046 – Email to Send with Rental Application Form
  • T049 – Rental Application Received
  • T050 – Rental Application Report Sent to Landlord
Training Explaining the Process and Use of the Documentation