RS304 MasterClass: Rental Applications & Applicant Vetting (RS304/240423)


Learn how to vet rental applications effectively in our upcoming masterclass! Protect yourself from liability by ensuring thorough screening processes. Book now!

*All attendees will have the opportunity to get our FULL legally compliant & best practice Rental Application Process Pack FREE of charge!*

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Join our upcoming masterclass on Rental Applications!

Learn how to meticulously vet rental applications to safeguard yourself from potential liability!

Processing and vetting rental applications is one of the most crucial tasks for rental agents. Failure to conduct a thorough check can leave you vulnerable to liability if something goes awry. Don’t take the risk! Our masterclass is here to guide you through the process.

Do you have a robust rental application processing procedure in place? Is it properly documented? Can you provide documentary proof of due diligence if needed? Without these safeguards, you could be held liable for losses incurred by landlords due to negligence in screening tenants.

*All attendees will have the opportunity to get our FULL legally compliant & best practice Rental Application Process Pack FREE of charge!

Join us for this comprehensive masterclass where we will delve into the intricacies of rental application vetting.

Renowned rental business consultant and trainer, Shaun Luyt, will share his expertise on best practices and legally compliant procedures developed and refined over years of experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to protect yourself and your clients.

Book now to secure your spot!

Here is the list of documents that is included in our Rental Application RentPack:

This is the central process document, and it contains references to the various landlord & tenant communication templates and forms, as detailed below.

• TF001G – Rentals Application Guidelines
• TF001CP – Rentals Application Form – Clauses & Permissions (PDF Only! For reference on clauses only)

Landlord Communication Templates
• L016 -Rental Application – Screening Report
• L051 – Rental Application Received
• L052 – Rental Application Recommendation

Tenant Communication Templates
• T009 – Rental Application Cannot Be Processed
• T011 – Rental Application Unsuccessful
• T012 – Rental Application Successful
• T046 – Email to Send with Rental Application Form
• T049 – Rental Application Received
• T050 – Rental Application Report Sent to Landlord


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Vicki Hatzilias
Rental arrears training

Very informative and loads of valuable insights and knowledge shared.

Rental MasterClass: Managing Rent & Other Arrears & Other Breaches of the Lease Agreement

Attending the webinar was an incredibly enriching experience! The presenter's expertise shone through, making complex topics easy to grasp. The content was well-structured, engaging, and provided valuable insights. The interactive elements kept me involved throughout, and the Q&A session was particularly enlightening. I walked away with actionable knowledge that I can immediately apply in my work. Kudos to the organizer for a seamlessly executed event. Looking forward to future webinars