RS206 POPIA & Data Privacy for Real Estate Businesses & Staff – An Overview – by Specialist Regulatory Consultant, Melanie Coetzee (RS206/240405)


POPIA for Real Estate Agents – An Introduction & Overview of what’s required . . .

** Presented by Specialist Regulatory Compliance Consultant & hosted by RentalSphere **

Data Privacy risks lurk in the shadows and continuously expose our real estate businesses to massive financial risks.

Most real estate agencies implemented the basic superficial POPIA rules and have not looked at POPIA again much.

Did you know that there are certain statutory annual POPIA actions required, failing which your business could face a statutory fine from the Information Regulator? These include an annual filing of incidents at the Regulator.

Does your business have an Incident Reporting Policy in place? Or a Data Classification Policy? Have you arranged the annual 2024 POPIA/PAIA training yet? This is compulsory!

Do you understand Facebook hacking? How safe is Whatsapp as a communication medium and what are the current data breach schemes out there to which we are exposed on a daily basis? Have you ever wondered how the hackers get your telephone number posing as your bank? Or how safe your Google search function is?

Come and join us for an interesting insightful webinar to see how you may wish to update your POPIA rules and Policies.

** Presented by Specialist Regulatory Compliance Consultant & hosted by RentalSphere **

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POPIA webinar

Excellent presentation by Melanie Coetzee. Very informative and helpful. Thank you.

POPIA & Data Privacy

Very Informative zoom session - becoming scarier by the day.

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