RS205 – Understanding Residential Lease Agreements & Associated Legislation


In this MasterClass we cover the most common terms of a residential lease agreement, as well as the most important associated legislation that the lease agreement ‘inherits’ some of the ‘implied’ terms that cannot be contracted out of.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion, including 2 CPD points for non-verifiable professional development, on completion of this course.

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Have you read your lease agreement? Do you understand it? Are you able to explain it to prospective Landlords & Tenants AND answer any questions they may have CORRECTLY?

It’s important that you also understand the lease terms specified in the Rental Housing Act that are implicit in any lease agreement, whether specifically included or not!

An understanding of all relevant legislation that pertains to lease agreements (for example the Consumer Protection Act) is also necessary as one cannot contract out of the requirements and rights afforded parties under legislation in a lease agreement. Any such contractual agreements are essentially null and void and unenforceable! This is especially important to know so you can advise parties that wish to make changes to a lease that would essentially be unenforceable – whether by addition or omission!

After completing this MasterClass you will understand the above and should be able to answer questions from both tenants and landlords regarding the terms of your lease agreement, as well as the legislative lease terms that cannot be contracted out of.

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