RS204 – FICA ESSENTIALS for Residential Rental Pros


The FICA ESSENTIALS that EVERY residential rental professional NEEDS to know!

In this FICA ESSENTIALS course, well-known Specialist Regulatory Compliance Consultant, Melanie Coetzee, covers the basics of FICA that every residential rental professional needs to know, including:

  • FICA – the history and the reasons it’s important globally
  • the types of risks residential rental businesses face
  • who are considered clients in FICA terms?
  • when must rental clients be FICA-ed?
  • can you rely on digital software only?
  • administrative FICA compliance requirements
  • practical FICA compliance requirements
  • the 9 required FICA steps for clients and transactions

Customer Reviews

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Liezel Kilian
FICA compliance by Melanie

I have had roughly 7 FICA training sessions in the last 3 years. This was by far the easiest to understand, the first one that was so "practically" explained - I found that she made it sound extremely simple. For the first time I am clear on exactly what is expected, and why. The bigger picture behind the "why" is what most don't understand. Eye opener indeed. Thank you for arranging Shaun! Your training sessions are always so informative.


Excellent training and information. Highly appreciated. Elize

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