Residential Rental Fundamentals for New Rental Agents & Team Members (RS101)


A comprehensive induction course for new entrants to residential property Rental Management, delivered in 5 bite-sized  approx 1-1.5 hour sessions by South Africa’s leading trainer in residential property rentals.

**Online, on-demand training**

A certificate of Completion will be issued to all attendees on completion.

Total Duration: 7 hrs (approx.)

See full details below.

*Please whatsapp 0713061202 if you have any problems registering online*


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Comprehensive Introduction to Residential Property Rental Management for *NEW* Rental Agents & Support Staff


Episode #1: Introduction to the Rental Agent’s Role & Responsibilities, Legislation that Applies to Rental Professionals & The Rental Mandate (1h27m)

Episode #2: The Rental Mandate, Different Rental Management Service Offerings & Rental Marketing (1h30m)

Episode #3: Rental Applications & Lease Agreements (1h40m)

Episode #4: Tenant Onboarding, Lease Management Activities & the end of the Lease (1h30m)

Episode #5: Managing Breaches of the Lease Agreement (1h30m)

In this course we will be covering:

  • The role of the rental agent & the day-to-day activities & responsibilities of rental agents
  • The contract between the property owner & the rental agency – the rental mandate
  • The rental environment in South Africa &  legislation that impacts rental property management, including:
    • Property Practitioners Act & Regulations
    • Rental Housing Act
    • Financial Intelligence Centre Act
    • Protection of Personal Information Act
    • National Credit Act
    • Immigration Act
    • Matrimonial Property Act
    • Prevention of Illegal Evictions Act
    • Consumer Protection Act
  • Trust Accounts – What are they & how do they protect landlords & tenants
  • Fidelity Fund Certificates & the protection they offer landlords
  • The Importance of continuously looking for new rental properties to manage – Generating & nurturing leads & signing up new landlord clients
  • Marketing & showing rental properties
  • Rental applications & applicant vetting
  • The residential lease agreement
  • Lease management activities that a rental agent is responsible for during the course of the lease agreement, including:
    • Rent Arrears
    • Maintenance Management
  • The Rental Agents’ Responsibilities with respect to Renewing the Lease Agreement at the end of the fixed term period
  • Lease termination and/or cancellation & the rental agent’s responsibilities

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Edelweiss Smith
Property Rentals Induction Course

I recently attended Shaun's rental induction training, and it was truly eye-opening. Shaun's training provided a clear understanding of how different rental aspects fit together, with a focus on the importance of mandates and lease agreements. His practical approach and pleasant manner made learning easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend this training to any "newbies" looking to broaden their knowledge and boost their confidence in rentals.

Elizabeth Montwedi

A true induction indeed, very informative I highly recommend mostly for new agents, interns and just everyone who needs to get their foot in the residential property/leasing and management field, covers everything a Property Practitioner needs to know including the Legislation that apply to them. Thank you very much Shaun

Carlo Mariani
A valuable investment of time & money

I've been renting out residential property for more than a decade but this was a very valuable refresher. With all the legislation changes and evolving market dynamics, this was a well worth investment of money and time. Thank you Shaun

On-Boarding for new rental agents

This is a great course for a Rental Candidate Property Professional

Anthony Ketcher
On-Boarding for new rental agents

Thanks Shaun--i attended to see your approach to see if i can improve my style--you pitch the programme at a very understandable level--i would suggest that every rental agent should have these insights before getting in to more detail--thank you--

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