RENTAL APPLICATIONS 102: Best Practices for the Processing & Screening of Prospective Tenant Applications


Individual login access to the online training series: Rental Applications 102 – Best Practices for the Processing & Screening of Prospective Tenant Applications Click on the link to get full details of the training series.

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series on Rental Applications.

It is suggested that you first complete part 1 – Rental Applications 101 – GETTING ALL THE INFORMATION You Need AND Ensuring Applicants Understand Your APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS & CRITERIA

**You will be issued with a Certificate of Completion (2 CPD points) on completion of the course.**

This course includes:

  • 31 individual, short training videos on specific topics related to Rental Application Forms & Guidelines – totalling 150+ minutes of expert training.
  • 1 documented, compliant and best practice procedure, or checklist, on how to evaluate rental applications
  • a Landlord Screening Report template to provide your Landlord with a full summary of the outcome of all your checks to enable them to make an informed decision
  • 3 pre-written landlord communication templates, including notifying landlord/s of receipt of an application and a template for drafting a rental application recommendation to the landlord/s
  • 4 pre-written templates for communicating with applicants, including acknowledgement of receipt of an application, communications regarding incomplete applications, updates regarding applications, notification of successful and unsuccessful applications

** PDF versions of the documents are included int he course – editable, brandable versions are available for purchase separately as a DocPack**

Once you have completed this training they will understand . . .

  • the importance of understanding your Rental Mandate – specifically your contracted rental application processing activities
  • why FICA must be included as the very first step of the rental application vetting process
  • understand what the Rental Housing Act stipulates about discrimination with respect to rental application processing
  • Best Practice Guidelines and recommended Service Level and Communication standards to ensure that all parties are kept up to date and its importance
  • exactly how to process and vet rental applications, step by step, including questions to ask references and employers, and recommended checks to do on references and employers
  • how to draft a Recommendation (and a Screening Report) for the Landlord and the information to include with the recommendation
  • how to communicate with both successful and unsuccessful applicants – including the importance of approving applications conditional on them satisfying some requirements
  • how to deal with queries as to why an application was unsuccessful
  • how to deal with self-employed, contract employment and other non-salaried applicants

Course Content includes:

  • The Specific Tenant Screening Activities You Are Contractually Bound to Carry Out in Terms of Your Rental Mandate
  • Understanding What the Rental Housing Act Has to Say About Discrimination when Marketing a Rental Property, Screening Applicants & Negotiating the Lease Agreement
  • The Legislated FICA Requirements & Verifications That Need to be Included in You Applicant Screening Procedure
  • The Importance of Regular Communication with Landlords & Applicants to Avoid Delays & Losing Potential Good Applicants During the Screening Process
  • Best Practice Guidelines & Recommended Service Level Standards
  • A Step-by-Step Best Practice Procedure for Processing Rental Applications, including questions to ask references, affordability calculations and communication templates to make recommendations to the landlord and information successful and unsuccessful applicants


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