MASTERCLASS: LEASE RENEWALS – Protect Your Landlords Right to a Rent Escalation!


Managing Lease Renewals – the Right Way!

presented by Shaun Luyt

**All Attendees Receive our editable Best Practice & Legally Compliant Step-by-Step Lease Renewal RentPack (Valued at R1499!) for FREE** 


This MasterClass on Lease Renewals focuses specifically on the legislative requirements set out in Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act.

Failure to adhere to these legislative requirements not only places you in breach of the Act but could potentially result in your Landlord/s having a claim against you for any loss of rental income they suffer as a result of your failure to adhere to the requirements of the Act.

For example, if the correct process is not followed, the tenant could possibly successfully dispute any rent increase implemented!

In this MasterClass, we’ll be covering the step-by-step procedure I have developed to assist you to comply with the CPA and avoid any potential claims from your Landlord. This includes a set of pre-written landlord and tenant communication templates that ensures that you are fully compliant and avoid any risk of liability to the landlord!

AND all enrollees receive the Lease Renewal RentPack (normally R1499!) for FREE!