Ask An Expert – Eviction Matters



Residential property evictions are, fortunately, not a common activity in residential property, but it’s imperative that residential property rental professionals understand the process and the timelines as they change with time.

In this Ask an Expert panel discussion, Elize le Roux, Managing Director of Xpello Eviction Management Services, and Ismaiel Mohamed, eviction attorney and Director at Mohamed & Leon Inc, explain the process and give us an update on the current timelines you can expect.

Both of our eviction experts deal with eviction matters on a daily basis so they’re very well placed to keep us abreast of eviction matters.

In this panel discussion, they also highlight the importance of the rental agent ensuring that the right steps are taken on time to ensure that the eviction process can proceed as smoothly and speedily as possible if the circumstances lead you to this as the only solution.

We hope and trust you enjoy this recording!