2 thoughts on “Rentals in Lockdown #3 (Mar/Apr 2020) | Michelle Dickens, MD of TPN on Tenant Vetting & Tenant Credit Records During & Post Lockdown”

  1. Dorcas Barnard

    Shaun thank you this webinar is so helpful.

    I do have 2 self employed tenants who is in the building construction. There worked was nearly completed and then on the 26 March 2020 a Nationwide Lockdown for Covid-19 has been implemented by the President. The Company does not want to pay out any payments because the work has not been finalized. They don’t want to pay rent due to the Covid-19. There excuse is the Landlord must wait until the President announce that the Lockdown period is over.

    I am in communication with both the tenants and landlords. The tenants is demanding that the Landlord can use the deposit as the rental income for the 21 days. Landlord’s not in favour of this demand.
    I did send out a non payment letter to both the tenants and their answer is” We will come and make arrangements after the Lockdown.

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