** LIVE RENTAL MASTERCLASS: RENTAL APPLICATIONS & APPLICATION VETTING ** Vetting Rental Applications is arguably the most critical responsibility of a rental agent.

** DID YOU KNOW? Unless you screen all rental applications thoroughly, and at least do the checks that you have contracted to carry out in your rental mandate, you MAY be held liable by the landlord if the tenant does not pay their rental or vacates the premises before the lease agreement, as well as any loss or damages **

Book now at https://rentalsphere.co.za/product/rental-masterclass-rental-applications-best-practice-applicant-screening-2212/

In this Expert Rental MasterClass we will be covering:

– Making sure your rental application process is compliant with the Property Practitioners Act
– Making sure you get all of the information that you need to do a thorough screening of rental applicants
– Permissions that you need to get from all applicants to enable you to legally make the enquiries you need to
– How to deal with incomplete applications/supporting documents
– Tips to spot application scams and ensure documents are authentic

** We will be joined by TPN to tell us about their new ‘Verified Bank Statements’ product offering **

We’ll also cover:

– Ensuring that you comply with your FICA obligations
– Recommended questions to ask references – including employers & previous landlords/agents
– How to assess financial affordability
– Credit check tips – What you need to look for on the credit check – it’s not all about the credit score!
– Why it’s important to have information on the tenant’s financial obligations and monthly credit commitments

This in-depth MasterClass is based on our two Rental Application Checklists and set of communication templates, called our Rental Application RentPack. This Rent Pack contains all of the activities above, with tips, set out step-by-step to help you make sure you don’t miss a thing! And . . .  provides documented proof that you did what you undertook to do if you are every faced with having to defend the process you followed.

The RentPack has been totally revised and updated to ensure compliance with the Property Practitioners Act, most importantly the Mandatory Disclosure Form requirements! It is also FICA compliant.

Our update also includes the inclusion of information on how landlord/s can reduce their risk of long periods of loss of rental if at any point there is continued non-payment of rent.


Book now at https://rentalsphere.co.za/product/rental-masterclass-rental-applications-best-practice-applicant-screening-2212/

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