FICA Compliance Checklist for Property Rental Businesses

FICA Compliance Checklist for Property Rental Businesses

Just for YOU! A complete FICA Compliance Checklist specifically designed for property rental businesses by Specialist Regulatory Compliance Consultant, Melanie Coetzee, to help you determine if your property rental business is fully FICA Compliant . . .

Administrative FICA Compliance Checklist:

  • You must have a unique RMCP Policy in place – a template policy is NOT sufficient!
  • If you do rentals in your business (irrespective of the volume – and this includes both procurement and/or management), your Policy must separate these departments and each department must have their own risk rating forms and their own questionnaires
  • You must use the new client questionnaires
  • You must have a proper risk rating against which you test:
    • the client’s status (landlord before listing and tenant before occupation)
    • the transaction (thereafter)
  • You need to have management control checklists
  • You need to also have a set of guidelines in place of what ADDITIONAL and ENHANCED due diligence must be done, and when these should be done
  • You must have a Risk & Compliance Officer appointed
  • You must register your business on the goAML as an organisation and if you have branches, each of the branches must also be registered under the organisation
  • You were obliged to file the Directive 6 Self-Assessment (first by end of May 2023 and then the extended deadline which was 13 October 2023)
  • You must comply with the Directive 8 proficiency test and integrity check and screen all the agents and employees on the TFS lists
  • You must arrange formal training for all the agents and employees
  • You must report cash deposits in excess of R49,999,99

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Practical (Implementation) FICA Compliance Checklist:

  • Your RMCP Policy must be approved by management
  • Your tests must be marked and a summary of the results must be discussed by management
  • Additional training must be arranged for the agents and employees that did poorly in the test
  • You must sign up with one of the KYC software applications (Lexis Nexis, DocFox, Beeswax etc) as you must screen all clients:
    • against the TFS lists;
    • against the PIP and PEP lists;
    • for other associations or adverse media;
    • ID verification (if South African)
  • The RCM must be trained in order to guide the agents on what additional or enhanced measures must be taken when there is medium or high risk identified
  • The RCM must act as conduit between the agents and management where management’s approval is required in order to proceed
  • Clients must be risk-rated before listings are published or lease agreements are signed
  • Transactions must then be risk rated before registration
  • Management must sign the management control checklists
  • The RCM must report matters
  • The MLRO must be registered on the goAML platform

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If any of the above are missing you may have problems with an FIC Audit

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