Webinar #2: RENTAL DEPOSITS & DAMAGES – How to Avoid the Avoidable Disputes!

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Click on the links below to download PDF's of the presentation slides and the flow diagram referred to in the webinar:

The full 'Best Exit Procedure' RentPack is available for purchase.

This RentPack includes the following editable and unbranded Word document templates that can be branded for company and/or office and/or adapted to your specific needs:

Process Flow Diagram:

  • FD011 Exit Procedure Flow Diagram

Detailed Checklist / Standard Operating Procedure, including Company Policy, Guidelines & Service Level Standards:

  • PC011 Exit Procedure Checklist

Landlord Communication Templates:

  • L023 Pre-Exit Inspection Arranged
  • L042 Pre-Exit Inspection Report
  • L043 Exit Inspection Scheduled
  • L044 Exit Inspection In Order
  • L045 Exit Inspection Not In Order
  • L046 Exit Inspection Without Tenant
  • L050 The Exit Procedure Explained

Tenant Communication Templates:

  • T034 Pre-Exit Inspection Report
  • T035 Exit Inspection Confirmation
  • T036 Exit Inspection In Order
  • T037 Exit Inspection Not In Order
  • T038 Exit Inspection Not in Order
  • T043 Pre-Exit Confirmation
  • T043 Pre-Exit Confirmation
  • TF003 Exit Inspection Guide

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